Have you received SPAM or a VIRUS with a forged menadetranslations.com address?

Spammers are lately sending spam mails with a forged menadetranslations.com sender address.

I  have nothing to do with these spams, spammers are simply abusing my name.

Unfortunately, forging mail return addresses is easy, anybody can do it. The SPAM FAQ may help you to find the real source of the spam you've received.

Furthermore, many viruses which are spread by e-mail randomly pick other addresses found on the infected computer and misuse those addresses as the sender address. In other words, the sender address of almost every e-mail virus nowadays can't be used to identify the originator. If you've received a virus that claims to have originated from menadetranslations.com, it certainly came from somewhere else. My computers and mail systems are protected by the latest virus scanners at all levels from incoming and outgoing viruses.

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